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Do you desire to rise above the situation you are currently in?

      Annette Price

....Walking Beside a Horse

On the Wings of a Horse is here to lift  you up ~ 
                           to soar and explore fresh new ways of being!

  • Have you reached a plateau in life and seem unable to move forward? 
  • Are you in charge of your energy "expense account" or is the world around you making unauthorized withdrawals? 
  • What is your body telling you and are you listening? 
  • Unlike your Horse companions who live constantly in the NOW, are you often riddled by the many voices that live inside you ~ the so-called monkey brain? 
  • Are you ready to discover "who is driving your cart?"
  • Do you have a book inside of you that is waiting to be written?

Ready to Bust out of the Arena?  

Spiritual Journey to Self    

On the Wings of a Horse  is now offering: 
    * Team Building week-ends tailored to your Business 
    * Weekly 1/2 hour individual coaching calls 
    * 1-on-1 equine-assisted coaching sessions with our herd 
    * Hands-on energy treatments for you and your horse 
    * 1 and 2 day "Farm Days" (workshops) 
        ~ body awareness 
        ~ communication 
        ~ writing workshops ~ "Pencil 'n Hoof" 
        ~ empowerment issues 
        ~ bringing in the JOY 
        ~ and more ..... 

PLEASE NOTE: These workshops can be brought to your location ! 
SPONSOR us to your arena and we look forward to meeting your friends ! 

Horse experience is not necessary to participate ~ 
you need only an open heart and a willingness to have fun. 
We invite you and your inner child out to play ~ 
share a day in the country with horses and friends. 

WARNING: These experiences are wildly addictive, 
but know in advance that the horses have another fabulous "farm day" 
ready for you the next time you visit us! 

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